Last Fall, I was tasked with capturing a traditional Southern classic portrait. It was a departure from my usual style, but I embraced the challenge and the opportunity to broaden my skills. My eldest daughter, residing in North Carolina, showcases a portrait collage of each of her children with an heirloom theme. Initially, I found them “interesting” and, to be honest, even “creepy”. However, as I began to offer similar portraits, I now appreciate the concept behind them.

It’s all about the details! In contrast to typical portrait sessions, heirloom portraits can be described as straightforward or, in simpler terms, basic portraits.

Freezing your child’s unique features in a portrait that will be cherished for generations to come are what these pictures will do. From long eyelashes to baby teeth and soft lips, every expression is precious. Immortalizing these details helps etch those fleeting moments into your memory.

You might believe that you will retain those cherished moments, but as time goes by, memories tend to fade. The beauty of the surroundings may not be extravagant, yet the modest and unadorned backdrop directs focus towards the subject.

Heirloom portraits hold sentimental value when they can be displayed and cherished. The traditional art of printing portraits adds to the uniqueness of heirloom portraits in today’s digital age. While printing all photos is beneficial, heirloom portraits deserve a touch of something special, making it essential to print them out.

That’s why I don’t structure these sessions like the usual ones. When you schedule your session, you only pay a sitting fee, which is quite uncommon in today’s photography industry. A typical session may involve multiple images and a digital gallery, which is expected. An heirloom session requires careful planning and dedication to capture. Each portrait focuses on facial details and expressions, requiring time and patience to capture the essence and personality of each child. Although there may not be many images, the ones that are captured are done with great attention to detail. Quality is prioritized over quantity.

Want more information on the process and more details?

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