Just like my photography, I am a lover of real and raw moments.  I want those emotions to come through in my wedding and lifestyle films.  I want your film to be uniquely yours in every way.  With 14 years of wedding photography experience, videography has been an easy transition.

I want to give you an alternative to traditional videography and create for you a ramped up version from my iPhone.  I can create a beautiful alternative that can emotionally tell your story.   One that you can share with loved ones that can't attend your elopement or wedding.  

Sometimes the word iPhone can scare clients away but I want to reassure you with all the new technology that goes into the iPhone every year, it is hard to tell the difference in the finished film. I not only use all the traditional equipment that goes into videography, but new accessories such as iPhone detachable lens, make your film look like a cinematic masterpiece.


Are you looking for an alternative to traditional videography?  You've come to the right place that gives you the option of "better than nothing". 

Sometimes it is hard to fit videography into your wedding budget.  Then as the wedding day approaches, you realize how important it is to capture it so that you can watch it over and over as well as share it with loved ones who can't attend.  If nothing else, the pandemic taught us that sometimes we have to share our wedding day in non traditional ways.  I want to help you make it possible to be the alternative that you didn't know you needed.  


Documentary Style

Two Hour Collection

Central Arkansas weddings require a minimum  2 hour package.  This is perfect if you are only needing the ceremony filmed.

Four Hour Collection

Beyond Arkansas, a minimum of 4 hours is required.  You can capture a lot in 4 hours!

Starting at $400

2 hour minimum for local weddings

4 hour minimum for destinations


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