My passion is and has always been capturing images that are full of life and the love that families, individuals, and couples share during intimate moments, whether they’re getting married or just enjoying a Thursday afternoon. My goal is that every photograph I share with my clients glows with love, honesty, and beauty that takes them back to that moment to relive and rekindle the experience over and over again, year after year.

I’m a southern girl at heart and can’t go a day without sweet tea—and that comes through in my photographs that drip with the sweet Southern charm my life and family has been steeped in. Above all, my focus is on family. 

I strive to help my clients slow down, take in the scene the way it was meant to be experienced, and live in the moment. I shoot with a mixture of digital and film photography because it allows me to do what I do best—take full advantage of natural light and the soft textures of classic photography. The feeling film gives when you’re holding the album in your hands just can’t be duplicated with today’s modern, cool technology that can often overshadow the warmth and quiet passion in memories of an intimate moment.

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