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Arin Hayley

Golden sunsets and breathtaking views. These are some of the things that make my heart burst. Seeing and experiencing these things with the ones I hold the most dear in the world, are the things I want to remember forever. How they are captured can be the key element in how we will view these memories in the future. Holding those memories literally in our hands is something that will bring us joy and contentment.

 When time reaches a point when we no longer have the ability to search cyberspace for our memories, pulling out that album is what will bring us smiles and tears. Writing this literally brings me to tears because it takes me back to my childhood when I would sit and look at my grandmother’s photo album. I loved the memories of her going through that album with me and pointing out the moments she had shared with her family. Whether it is those special moments on your wedding day or capturing your family the first days at home I want you to have those moments too. 

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My passion is and has always been capturing images that are full of life and love. My goal as a wedding and portrait photographer is that every photograph I share with my clients glows with love, real moments, and authenticity that takes them back in time through their photographs. I want my clients to be able to relive and rekindle the emotion of those special moments in their lives.

I’m a southern girl at heart and can’t go a day without sweet tea—and that comes through in my photographs that drip with the sweet Southern charm my life and family has been steeped in. You’ll know, the first time you meet me, I like to take things slow and thoughtfully, whether it’s how I pronounce my words or how I shoot my photographs.

These 20 minute non themed sessions are available only on my property. The 50 acre property gives you the opportunity to choose from tree lined lanes, grass and flower fields, along with a wooden boat.

Hidden cypress Mini Sessions