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mini sessions

These 30 minute non themed sessions are available only at Hidden Cypress. The 50 acre property gives you the opportunity to choose from tree lined lanes, grass and flower fields, a Pirogue, and open sunset views.

A mini session is a smaller version of my photography session experience.  These session are similar to a regular session but you will receive less images in a shorter amount of time.  These sessions can be perfect for those that are needing just a few images.

Most mini sessions are non themed here at Hidden Cypress with the exception of a few seasonal opportunities upon your request.   

photo opportunities

Hidden Cypress is the very essence of who I am!  I grew up on a family farm and married my farmer 35 years ago. 

While most think of a farm as animals and pastures, that is not our kind of farm.  Our's is a row crop farm that we have spent most of those 35 years working on the land.  While we own some of the ground around us, there was one piece of property that I desired to own and 4 years ago, I was able to purchase it.  It was literally in my backyard and guess what, it was full of trees when the majority of the rest of our farm was farmland.  It has taken most of the last 3 years to turn the property into the dream I had envisioned for my photography business.  While there are still dreams to be completed here, I am so excited about what we have accomplished.  

Why do I love shooting on the farm? Because I never have to guess on lighting.  We have some of the most amazing sunsets here with the wide open landscape.  I love that each one is unique but I still know exactly how to capture them.  The farm gives me the opportunity to shoot any time of the day, because I know exactly the direction of the sun.   The tree lined lanes (that I lovingly keep manicured) are some of my favorite places to shoot.  And lets talk about my Louisiana pirogue!  I am actually thinking of purchasing another one just because. 
While I am still working on my green thumb, I do manage to grow a sunflower field every year with plans to grow more seasonal flower fields throughout the year.  Think of an almost year round farm of flower fields.


Hidden Cypress is an outdoor venue that is the perfect place for an elopement, a intimate wedding, or even a vowel renewal.  Think backyard wedding with tons of amenities such as photography, videography, tables, and wedding tent are all included.

Elopements & Intimate weddings

Tired of constantly looking for a place to use for your sessions?  Our farm has several locations that can take the guess work out of where to go.  Hourly, half day, and full day packages are available.

During Fall and Christmas, we have themed sets already in place so that you don't have to set up for a day full of mini sessions.

Photographer rental

Most of our Hidden Cypress mini sessions are non-themed with the exception of Christmas.  These sessions can be done any day of the week.  These are short and sweet and the perfect solutions if you are needing just a few pictures.

Mini Sessions 

Hidden Cypress Photography Packages

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