It is that time of year again, when our wheat fields are heading out. It won’t be long when the wheat starts to turn the beautiful golden color that turns the sunsets to magic.

It’s time to start scheduling my wheat field sessions again and as always, mother nature has a tendency to move the dates around on me. But since we did get a week up on planting last fall, I am hoping I can nail the date down closer than last year. It is a small window of the golden color so the dates will be for only a couples of weeks.

sunset and golden hour are the best time for the magic to come to life.

The color of wheat is golden for a short time but combined with golden hour, it becomes magical.

Avery and Will are married and expecting their baby Addie any day now. This sessions was last year way before we new that Addie was on her way. This field is located directly in front of their house and was an impromptu session planned in less than 5 minutes but they created a lifetime of memories.

For two weeks, I will only book 3 sessions a day with the exceptions of the days that I am already booked for weddings. Be mindful that the sessions calendar may adjust once the color of the wheat starts showing.

These sessions are a little longer than mini sessions but not quite a full session. Next up for July are Sunflower Sessions.

booking sight: Wheat Field Mini Sessions

Photographer: Arin Hayley Fine Art Photography

Location: Carpenter Farms

If you are a photographer and wish to book a spot for use, here is the information as well as a link to book

Photographer Rental of Wheat Fields


Wheat Fields Sessions

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