In February of this year, I finally got to attend the WPPI Convention in Las Vegas.  This had been a dream of mine for the past 4 years but something always got in the way of me getting to go.  In January, I just made up my mind to make it a priority for 2015!  And it didn’t hurt that my sister only lives 4 hours from there so I thought we could make a girls trip out of it.

Prior to 2015, I had got a fresh new look on my website but somehow it just didn’t quite “look” like me.  I mean, shouldn’t your branding reflect who you are?  So one of the WPPI classes that I signed up for was a blogging class.  I mean honestly, I struggle with it ALL the time!  Look at the date on my last post….3 months ago!  At that rate, I will only have to come up with a blog topic 4 times a year!  After the class, I realized that my website was probably hurting me instead of helping me so I came home and completely wiped it out.  And by completely, I mean I wiped out 6 years of SEO.  That was a hard pill to swallow but I realized that I was ready to “clean out my closet”.

Like every new photographer, I started out wanting to try every type of photography.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to specialize in and honestly, I didn’t know you really needed to.   But now looking back on my first images, I cringe and realized that that was not the quality of photography that I wanted to offer and it was important to focus.  So when I approached Brianna Venzke of Sail Away Creative to help me start fresh, she told me to go to my facebook page and completely get rid of all of my old galleries that didn’t reflect who I was now as a photographer.  Pretty easy to do once I started looking at them and realized that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing back then!

I tried to really think about what I enjoyed about photography and I wanted to give that joy to others.  Once I realized that it was everything that had to do with a wedding, I knew that is where I wanted to focus.  I mean really, who doesn’t LOVE a good love story.  And every bride wants to tell their favorite love story and their dreams of a perfect wedding!  I love all the details they give me and I absolutely love the look in their eyes and face as we discuss it.  It is so easy for the joy to spread!

So while in Vegas, I signed up for a couple of wedding styled shoots so I could really vamp up my portfolio.  I had done several weddings over the course of 6 years but I hoped I was an evolved photographer and I knew that my galleries needed to reflect the new me.  So thanks to Twig and Olive, I was able to capture some of those images.  DSC03688DSC03692DSC03740DSC03772DSC03850DSC04098DSC03650DSC03638DSC03633DSC03626DSC03619DSC03611DSC03609DSC03577Wedding Styled Shoot in Vegas


Styled Sessions

New Focus

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