Marylake Camelite Monastery was the perfect location for Erin’s Bridals!  When we were trying to come up with a location that best fit Erin’s dress and vision, I immediately thought of the lighting at Marylake.  And the sun did not disappoint us that day.

I am finally getting Erin’s film Bridals posted and I couldn’t be more excited about how they look.  I have slowly been implementing film into my wedding galleries this year and I am so pleased that my brides are noticing the difference between film and digital, and how much they are appreciating the beauty of film!

Erin along with her mother and sister, met me at Marylake late one afternoon and when we realized that we needed a place to change because the monastery was closed for prayer, I had to bring out my pop up changing tent.  And I mean really, who else can put on a wedding dress in a pop up tent and look this amazing!

After attending my friend Julie Paisley’s film workshop this past July, I have had a new outlook on how photography should be, “old school”.  Slow down and enjoy what you see behind the lens and life!

So happy to be offering my 2016 brides more film!

Erin's Marylake Film Bridals 1Erin's Marylake Film Bridals 2Erin's Marylake Film Bridals 3Erin's Marylake Film Bridals 4Erin's Marylake Film Bridals 5Erin's Marylake Film Bridals 6Erin's Marylake Film Bridals 7Erin's Marylake Film Bridals 9Erin's Marylake Film Bridals





Marylake Camelite – Erin’s Film Bridals

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  1. tracy says:

    You were right – that light is gorgeous. Loving the film, they do bridal portraits so much justice. Look forward to seeing more 🙂

  2. Her dress is gorgeous!!!

  3. Heather says:

    Uchida dreamy lighting. Beautiful shots

  4. What a stunning bride, in a gorgeous location!!